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Bài hát Double Take - Dhruv


Lời bài hát: Double Take

Ca sĩ: Dhruv

I could say I never dare
to think about you in that way, but
I would be lyin'
And I pretend I'm happy for you
when you find some dude to take home
But I won't deny that
In the midst of the crowds
In the shapes in the clouds
I don't see nobody but you
In my rose-tinted dreams

Wrinkled silk on my sheets
I don't see nobody but you
Boy, you got me hooked on to something
Who could say that they saw us coming?
Tell me
Do you feel the love?
Spend the summer of a lifetime with me
Let me take you to the place of your dreams
Tell me
Do you feel the love?

And I could say I never answered
those believers inside my head
But that's far from the truth
Don't know what's come over me
It seems like yesterday when I said
We'll be friends forever
Constellations of stars
Murals on
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